Amy Charowsky

Height: 5'

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Auburn brown



Winston                           House Team              Musical Megawatt/Magnet Theater

Snacks!                           House Team              Musical Megawatt/Magnet Theater

Kid Detectives                 House Team              Musical Megawatt/Magnet Theater 

Kramer                            Circuit Team              Magnet Studio Theater

Holiday Spectacular        Ensemble                  Upright Citizens' Brigade Theatre/dir. Chelsea Clarke


Tommy (Ep 108) .            Co-Worker #1 (Co-Star) CBS/dir. Melanie Mayron

Alien Dawn                      Jennifer                          Nickelodeon/Crook Brothers Productions

Bubble Gum                    Elena                              NYFA Student Film/dir. Tanya Chuturkova

Among the Mortals          Lisa                                LIU Student Film

Cinematherapy                Guest                             WE Network

Singing (vocal part: soprano), improvisation, barista, good ear for accents, swimming, ukulele, sketch writing


Member of MasterVoices Chorale 2007-2017 (numerous performances at Carnegie Hall, Radio City, Lincoln Center, et al)


Valid US Passport


Dr. Rosé's Rooftop Therapy                               3rd Chance Productions/dir. Mel Clements

Adult Sleepover               Amy                            Soren & Jolles/Pixable

Yellow Brick Hell             Gloria                          dir. Justyn T. Davis

Grind House Chicks        Cynthia Stackhouse    Ran-Damage Productions

Lost Breakup                   Lindy                           dir. Johnathan Fernandez                              

Babes in Toyland            Little Red                    MasterVoices/dir. Ted Sperling

Urinetown                        Little Becky 2 Shoes  90x Arts Productions/dir. Kevin Horne

Scapino!                          Waitress                     90x Arts Productions/dir. Steve Asciolla

Pilgrims of the Night        Bunny                        Nightwind Productions/dir. Kevin Horne

The Audition                    Ms. Torrance              Adam Roebuck Productions/dir. Julie Burna 

Stage Door                      Big Mary                     Civic Theatre of Allentown/dir. William Sanders

Summerfolk                     Olga                           Muhlenberg Theatre Association/dir. Jim Peck

Measure for Measure      Nun                            Muhlenberg Theatre Association/dir. Beth Schachter



Upright Citizens' Brigade School NYC - Advanced Program                  

             Numerous instructors including Zach Woods, Neil Casey, Shannon O'Neill, Jordan Klepper


Magnet Theatre, NYC - Musical Improv Program


TVI Actors' Studio, NYC

On-Camera Commercial Technique        Rebecca Yarsin, Erica Palgon

Voiceover                                                 Ed Lewis

Advanced Scene Study                            Alaine Alldaffer

Hosting                                                     Barbara Barna & Tracy Weiss



Sitcom Acting                                           Richard Kline

On-Camera Commercial Technique        Amy Gossels & Eliza Khan